Cover CLI Usage


To execute the Cover CLI, the following scripts are available:

  • dcover.ps1 (Windows)
  • dcover (Linux/OS)


Enable PowerShell scripting (you only need to do it once):

Unblock-file -Path .\dcover.ps1
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope LocalMachine

Example command:

./dcover.ps1 create com.acme.MyClass --test-sources-root projectsrc/test/java -cp project/target/classes


./dcover create com.acme.MyClass --test-sources-root project/src/test/java -cp project/target/classes


All invocations of dcover take a single subcommand called create and two required options to generate the tests.


For example:

dcover create com.a

Will produce tests for all accessible functions within package com.a (but none for any classes in com.b)

The additional required arguments are:

--classpath or -cp

-cp target/classes/

Provide the classpath(s) of the project you want to generate tests. Multiple paths can be specified using : as separators for Linux/OSX and Windows ; respectively.


--test-sources-root src/test/java

Location for the generated tests relative to the current directory, provide the relative path for the directory where generated tests should be placed.

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