IBM Cloud

  1. Create a Kubernetes cluster using the wizard on the IBM Cloud platform. When it's running, follow the instructions for operating with the cluster on your local command line:

     curl -sL | bash
     ibmcloud login -a
     ibmcloud cs region-set uk-south
     ibmcloud cs cluster-config diffblue
     export KUBECONFIG=~/.bluemix/plugins/container-service/clusters/diffblue/kube-config-lon02-diffblue.yml
  2. Create a registry to push the Diffblue Cover images to:

     ibmcloud plugin install container-registry -r Bluemix
     ibmcloud login -a
     ibmcloud cr namespace-add <my_namespace>
     ibmcloud cr login
  3. Set the repoName environment variable to point to your registry and namespace:


Now return to the main cloud deployment page and follow the instructions to deploy Diffblue Cover to the cluster.

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