Running an analysis

java-democontains one existing test class, In order to run an analysis and generate new tests for a class which is not currently covered, select theTicTacToe class* in the project tool window.

Right-click and select theWrite Testsoption from the menu. The plugin builds the project before sending it to the server for analysis. Output can be seen in the console. Once the project has been built, click the progress bar at the bottom of the screen to open a pop-up window.

The progress window will show the different stages that the analysis is going through. It starts by uploading the jar file to the server and then waits for the server to generate the tests. While the analysis is running, it is possible to view current progress, but with java-demo that will only take a few minutes.

* Note that it is also possible to select a project, a combination of classes or packages from the project tool window, or an individual method/class from within the source editor, and right-click to Write tests for those particular components of the project.

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