Configuring Analysis Settings for the IntelliJ plugin

When you submit jar files for analysis, you can provide an application/json object defining the parameters that will be used to get specific behavior from Diffblue Cover. Parameters specified here will override any defaults with the same name.


The settings file is a JSON object consisting of the following attributes:

Global Parameters

Global parameters are only valid when defined at the root of the JSON file.

The ignoreDefaults global parameter ignores any parameters that would otherwise have been assigned a default value had they not been explicitly defined in the settings file


To define phases, create a phases object at the root of the JSON file, then within this phases object, create objects for as many phases as required, identified by a unique key.

Within each individual phase object, define any per-phase parameters as required for that specific phase.

If there is a per-phase parameter you wish to invoke on every phase, define a phaseBase object at the root of the JSON file, and in here place any such parameters.

If a per-phase parameter is defined both in phaseBase and for a specific phase, the value defined for the specific phase will take precedence over the value in phaseBase.

If ignoreDefaults is false (or not set) each user-defined phase (after merging with phaseBase) will be merged with any default phase that has a matching name.

Example settings file

  "cover": [
  "ignoreDefaults": true,
  "inlineFunctionArguments": true,
  "inlineIntoAssertion": true,
  "phaseBase": {
    "timeout": 60
  "phases": {
    "firstPhase": {
      "initial": true,
      "timeout": 30,
      "nextPhase": {
        "default": "secondPhase",
        "notAnalyzed": null,
        "timeOut": "finalPhase"
    "secondPhase": {
      "nextPhase": {
        "default": "finalPhase"
    "finalPhase": {
      "stringPrintable": true,
      "timeout": 240,
      "nextPhase": {}

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