Test filtering

Diffblue Cover includes a number of test filtering options which are not currently operational. These are described below but should be disabled in order to produce tests in the current version of the plugin (set Minimum Test Star Rating to one star and all Tests Tags options to Ignored) Otherwise, you are likely to see the error message All Tests removed by filter options.

In order to change these settings, open the IntelliJ IDEA -> Preferences (macOS) or File -> Settings (Windows/Linux) menu and navigate to the Diffblue Cover option under the Tools section:

Under the Filtering tab, it is possible to select the minimum star-rating of the tests generated. Only those tests ranked with at least the minimum number of stars will be added to the project.

It is also possible to select whether tests must (Required), must not (Excluded) or may (Ignored) include the following features:

  • Assertions presence of assertions
  • Mocking presence of mocking
  • Reflection presence of reflection
  • Fuzzer - tests generated by a "fuzzer"
  • Verified tests run successfully
  • Failed tests tests fail to compile or run
  • Failed run tests fail to run
  • Failed compile test fails to compile

Test star ranking

The star-ranking system has been developed to qualify tests based on their readability, the complexity of the method under test and the quality of the inputs.

1 - 2 stars (★ - ★★)

Generated tests that have been ranked with 1 or 2 stars will include one or more of the following traits which may hamper readability:

  • No assertion
  • Mocking
  • Reflection

3 - 5 stars (★★★ - ★★★★★)

Generated tests that have been ranked with 3 to 5 stars are considered to have a good level of readability, and only make use of mocking and reflection where necessary. Higher levels of ranking are awarded if the method under test is sufficiently complex and/or the inputs for that test are of high enough quality (for example, the input values use human-readable strings).

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