Prebuild and User Files

If your projects require specific changes to the environment they are built in, for example you need to add SSL certificates for Maven, or you need to use a specific Linux tool inside your build, you can use a prebuildCmd and a user files archive. The prebuildCmd is a shell script that will be run before Diffblue Cover attempts to build your project using the supplied buildCmd. This script will have access to the files from the uploaded archive at /user-files. These files will also be accessible by buildCmd and classpathCmd.

Procedure for uploading the script or archive

curl 'http://localhost/api/users/USERNAME HERE/user-files' \
 -H 'Cookie: `YOUR COOKIE HERE`' \
 -F 'archive=@PATH TO ARCHIVE HERE' \
 -F 'prebuildCmd="SETUP SCRIPT HERE"'

Subsequent calls will overwrite previously uploaded archives. Accepted formats are tar, tar.gz, and zip.

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