Release notes for release 2019.12.a

Release date: December 02, 2019

Release highlights

  • A CLI tool is now available that allows you to create tests for a project's module from the command line.

  • In the IntelliJ plugin, our new 'Assertion Suggestion' feature helps you find the most appropriate assertions for your method under test.

Additional enhancements

  • In the IntelliJ plugin, Diffblue Cover considers your build configuration making it quicker to interactively write tests.

  • The IntelliJ plugin will always return a test, even if it is very basic. If essential test mode fails to create a test you will receive a boilerplate test.

  • You can change the appearance of your tests - for example selecting whether to inline specific elements and hide comments.

  • ‘Write tests” is only available on non-test Java methods and classes.

Known issues

  • dcover: You may see a logging error when you write tests. Please ignore it, it doesn't alter performance or the ability to create tests. [Ref: TG-10600]

  • DCover: When setting up DCover on a Windows machine, you need to run the command Unblock-file -Path .\dcover.ps1 before you try and create tests. [Ref: TG-10599]

  • The Assertion Suggestion feature only works on macOS and Linux. [Ref: TG-10613]

  • IntelliJ: When an IDE has been closed and reopened, NoSuchElementException is seen on completion of the analysis. [Ref: TG-10394]

  • IntelliJ: Preferences are set globally and not on a per-project basis. [Ref: TG-9348]

  • IntelliJ: On macOS, tests are not created when launching the plugin via the Dock or the Applications folder. The workaround is to launch the plugin via the command line. [Ref: TG-10544]

Dependencies for written tests

  • deeptest-utils: 1.9.0
  • Junit: 4.8
  • Powermock: 1.6.5
  • Mockito: 1.10.19

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