Troubleshooting guide

Logs access

Diffblue service logs are saved with other system logs which use journald. You can use the journalctl command to view them.

To see only logs from diffblue service:

journalctl -u diffblue

To see logs only from current boot:

journalctl -u diffblue -b 0

The current boot might have several days of logs. To get a log covering a specific date or time range, use the --since and --until options.

For example, to see the data from yesterday:

journalctl -u diffblue --since yesterday

If there was a service interruption starting today at 6:00 PM and continuing until an hour ago, you could run:

journalctl -u diffblue --since 18:00 --until "1 hour ago"

To see only entries since 7:30:50 PM until 7:31:13 PM on 30th September 2019:

journalctl -u diffblue --since "2019-09-30 19:30:50" --until "2019-09-30 19:31:13"

Logs are shown in pager mode so you are able to scroll though them. If you need to send them to standard output, for filtering and/or saving in file for support, use --no-pager.

Save logs from today to file diffblue.log in current folder:

journalctl -u diffblue --since today --no-pager > diffblue.log

For full help run journalctl --help

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