Diffblue upgrade instructions


This page explains how to upgrade to a new release of Diffblue Cover.


  • Ensure that:

    • the Diffblue service is installed and running on the target.
    • there is 5GB of free storage space on the target.
  • You should also ensure you have the following files from the new installation:

    • installation instructions (install_readme.md or install_readme.pdf)
    • diffblue.sha256
    • diffblue.tar.gz
    • install-diffblue.py


  1. Copy the latest version of diffblue.tar.gz and install-diffblue.py to your existing installed system.

  2. Unpack the tar file. For example:

    tar -xvf diffblue-cover-2019.09.b.tar

  3. Stop the Diffblue service:

    sudo service diffblue stop

  4. Ensure that no Diffblue services are running:

    docker ps

    You should see no running containers. If there are containers still running, try to stop them again. If that fails, please contact customer support.

  5. Run the install script:

    sudo python install-diffblue.py

  6. You might receive this error:

     Starting Diffblue server.
     ---- ERROR: The start of the Diffblue server has FAILED. Details: Warning: diffblue.service changed on disk. Run 'systemctl daemon-reload' to reload units.

    If you do, reload the Diffblue service using systemctl:

    sudo systemctl daemon-reload

  7. Check the application server logs to verify that the migration was successful:

    sudo docker logs -f diffblue_application-server_1

    You should see a response like this:

     yarn run v1.6.0
     info: Log level: info
     info: Connecting to MongoDB...
     info: Setting default HTTP timeout for worker routes to 300000
     info: Listening on port 8080
     info: Connected to MongoDB!
     info: MongoDB connection opened!
     info: Cleared all pending test archives!
     [INFO] Processed migration 20190802095352-projects-denormalisation
     [INFO] Processed migration 20190805195700-rename-username-in-accounts
     info: Reconnecting in 5s...
     info: Connecting to MongoDB...
     info: Connected to MongoDB!
     Attempted to run migration but it wasn\'t required
     [INFO] Processed migration 20190814114708-restore-goal-indexes

    If you see an error, please contact us.

  8. The installation procedure automatically starts the Diffblue service. To check, list the Docker containers again:

    docker ps

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