Reset plugin to default settings

If it is necessary to start from a clean state for the IntelliJ Plugin, the existing Plugin settings files should be deleted. This might be necessary when upgrading from previous versions of the Plugin, where the settings files could become stale and prevent the Plugin from correctly producing tests. The Plugin settings files are stored in the user's IntelliJ profile directory; the default location is dependent on OS and IntelliJ edition and version:

IntelliJ Community Edition:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\\.IdeaIC2019.x

Linux: ~/.IdeaIC2019.x

IntelliJ Ultimate Edition:

Windows: %USERPROFILE%\\.IntelliJIdea2019.x

Linux: ~/.IntelliJIdea2019.x

To delete the Plugin settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Close any open sessions of IntelliJ
  2. Navigate to the appropriate IntelliJ profile directory (as detailed above)
  3. Navigate further to the subdirectory: config/options
  4. Delete all of these files if they are present:
    • CoverAnalyticsInstallationID.xml
    • CoverSettingsConfig.xml
    • CoverTirIndexes.xml
    • coverVersions.xml
  5. Restart IntelliJ

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