Troubleshooting the IntelliJ Plugin

Structural issues with the project

Please ensure that you are using the IntelliJ plugin on a complete project, as the IntelliJ plugin is unable to run successfully if there are flaws in the project structure. Check that:

  • All modules in the project are configured correctly.
  • The project is compilable.
  • The Java SDK version is correct for your project.

Test directories

IntelliJ looks for an existing test source directory. If an existing test source directory cannot be found, it will create one and then notify the user where the tests have been created.

Error scenarios

If you are receiving spurious warnings about inaccessible methods, close IntelliJ and delete the .diffblue index file. A new one is automatically created when the IntelliJ plugin is run again.


Before beginning the uninstall process, please ensure that no test generation or assertion suggestion tasks are running.

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