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Gradle projects

Compiling the application

The application must be compiled as JCover analyses both the source and the Java bytecode.

To build the project or module:

$ gradle build

or, if there is a Gradle wrapper script:

$ ./gradlew build (Linux/macOS)

> gradlew build (Windows)

To run JCover:

$ jcover --gradle --test-verification --class-suffix DiffblueTest

Other Gradle options

To force JCover to use Gradle:


To use a Gradle settings file (substituting the actual file name):

--settings file-name

To specify the Gradle project/submodule (substituting the actual project/submodule name):

--project name

To create a configuration file:

$ jcover --gradle-config

(This creates jcover.config in the run directory, containing jcover parameters for the module under test. JCover then uses these options when run against a specific class.)

To create tests for a specific Java class:

$ jcover classname

(This creates tests, displayed on the screen, for the given classname. Note: This requires that you have previously run jcover --gradle-config).