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Diffblue Cover is an automated unit test-writing tool. It analyses your existing Java application and writes unit tests that reflect the current behavior, increasing test coverage and helping you find regressions in future code changes. Diffblue Cover automatically maintains the tests by updating them when your code changes. It supports standard Java 8, 11 & 17, Spring and Spring Boot.

Diffblue Cover is available as both a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA for interactive test writing and a CLI tool (for Windows, macOS and Linux).

There are two versions of the Diffblue Cover IntelliJ plugin:

  Main Features Cost Support
Diffblue Cover Community Edition Can be used on any project to write tests on modules or classes Free Support is available via the Community Forum.
Diffblue Cover Developer Edition Can be used on any project to write tests for the whole project. £125 a month per user, see pricing for further details. Full support is available from Diffblue, along with indemnity. Support is also available via the Community Forum.

You can either buy a licence for the Diffblue Cover Developer Edition IntelliJ plugin, or you can use the Diffblue Cover Community Edition IntelliJ plugin for free.

Diffblue Cover plugin for Intellij can be downloaded from our website or from the Jetbrains Marketplace. After installation, you can choose to use the free Community Edition or buy a license.