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Hardware Agnostic Licensing

Please note that this feature is only available if purchased.

In this workflow Diffblue will provide the user with an offline license file (ls_activation.lic), along with a license key (represented here by XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).

You will be required to copy files to the relevant user home directory of your target computer (represented here by <USER_HOME>). On Linux or macOS your home directory can be found at /Users/<username> (or ~). On Windows your user home can be found at C:\Users\<username>.

Follow these steps to install an offline license file:

  1. Run dcover license to prepare a directory for license installation:

    ➜  dcover license
    12:55:23.365 INFO  Diffblue Cover 2022.02.02
    12:55:23.368 INFO  There is no license linked to your product

    This will create an offline directory at:

  2. Copy the offline license file to the offline directory:

    ➜  cp ls_activation.lic <USER_HOME>/.diffblue/offline/
  3. Run dcover activate --offline to install the offline license:

    ➜  dcover activate --offline XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
    15:48:35.064 INFO  Found an offline license file at '<USER_HOME>/.diffblue/offline/ls_activation.lic'
    15:48:35.494 INFO  Successfully activated offline license
  4. You are now ready to run dcover create on your target project.