Datasheet for release 2021.04.01

Cover IntelliJ PluginCover CLI
Operating Systems
Windows 10 EnterpriseYesYes
Ubuntu 18.04YesYes
RHEL 7.7YesYes
macOS 10.15YesYes
IntelliJ Versions
IntelliJ Community 2020.3Yes-
IntelliJ Community 2021.1Yes-
IntelliJ Ultimate 2020.3Yes-
IntelliJ Ultimate 2021.1Yes-
Hardware Requirements
Minimum RAM16GB16GB
Minimum disk space5GB5GB
Java Input
Java Versions
JDK 8YesYes
JDK 11YesYes
Spring Boot ApplicationsYesYes
Spring ControllersYesYes
Spring ServicesYesYes
Spring RepositoriesYesYes
Spring ProfilesYesYes
Rebuild project automaticallyYes-
IDE-supplied build configurationYes-
Multi-module Maven projectYes-
Detect classpath from Maven configurationYesYes
Detect classpath from Gradle configurationYesYes
Java Output
Java Versions
JDK 8YesYes
Detect from Maven configurationYesYes
Detect from Gradle configurationYesYes
Test Frameworks
JUnit 4.7-4.13YesYes
JUnit 5.0-5.7YesYes
Detect from Maven configurationYesYes
Detect from Gradle configurationYesYes
Mock Frameworks
Mockito 2.1-3.3YesYes
Test Files
Merge into existing Java test filesYesYes
Replace existing Java test files-Yes
Merge tests in order of declaration in implementation classYesYes
Test Naming
Test classes named by user-defined templateYesYes
Test methods named by user-defined templateYesYes
Code Style
Label test sections with commentsYesYes
Allow inlining 'arrange' into 'act' or 'assert'YesYes
Allow inlining 'act' into 'assert'YesYes
Inline constant valuesYesYes
Inline methodsYesYes
Inline constructorsYesYes
Test style presets 'brief', 'verbose'Yes-
Join simple test cases into single test methodYesYes
Coverage Measurement
Coverage Increment Indicators
Support IntelliJ coverage measurementYes-
Support JaCoCoYes-
Can be turned off in configurationYes-
Indicators can be reset by userYes-
Coverage Increment Report
Support JaCoCo-Yes
Create Tests
Boilerplate Mode
Is availableYes-
Run as fallback after essential-test modeYes-
Provide reason when falling back to boilerplate modeYesYes
Can be turned on/off in configuration, off by defaultYes-
Per methodYesYes
Per classYesYes
Per packageYesYes
Per module-Yes
Detect packages in module-Yes
Exclude methods from analysis-Yes
Test Verification
Check whether tests compile and pass-Yes
Customized test verification command-Yes
Detect test verification command from Maven configuration-Yes
Detect test verification command from Gradle configuration-Yes
Can be turned on/off in configuration, on by default-Yes
Existing Coverage
Do not generate tests for covered code-Yes
Can be turned on/off in configuration, off by default-Yes
Support JaCoCo-Yes
Only create tests for class changed in patch file-Yes
Support git patch file-Yes
Progress bar and summary-Yes
JSON output-Yes
Provide reason for not testing a method-Yes
Supports JSON file-Yes
Replace Tests
Delete non-compiling tests -Yes
Zip file YesYes
'Diffblue Cover was installed' notification Yes-
Install without root privileges -Yes
Environment analytics data, on by default YesYes
Behavioral analytics data, on by default YesYes
Can be turned off in configuration YesYes
Bug Reporting
Crash reporter sends to service Yes-
Crash reporter sends email Yes-
Submit issue via web form Yes-