This release enhances the CLI's create and create --exclude commands, introducing Java-like syntax and wildcard capabilities to specify which packages, classes, or methods to write tests for, while preserving backward compatibility.

Cover Reports now provides different time periods for viewing telemetry data and the ability to view 'Lines of Code' on the 'Coverage Over Time' chart.


  • Plugin: Cover now supports writing tests for methods which return an enum or have an enum as an input parameter. [Ref: TG-21103]

  • CLI & Plugin: Cover now writes tests for methods that access classes in other Java modules. [Ref: TG-21083]

  • Plugin: Cover now supports IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2024.1 and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate 2024.1. [Ref: TG-20972]

  • Reports: Cover Reports now allows 'Coverage Over Time' to be viewed by 'Lines of Code' or 'Percentage'. [Ref: TG-20749]

  • Reports: Cover Reports now allows selection of different time periods for telemetry graphs. [Ref: TG-20695]

  • CLI: Cover now provides a 'Run Summary' at the end of execution, showing statuses for each invoked subcommand, such as build, clean, and create, with detailed results for each module in multi-module projects. [Ref: TG-20502]

  • CLI: Cover now supports wildcard and Java-like syntax for including or excluding classes to write tests for when using dcover create and dcover create --exclude. [Ref: TG-18037]

Resolved Issues

  • CLI & Plugin: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to write tests with unused getter calls. [Ref: TG-21139]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to not warn, during preflight, about incompatibility between Spring Core and javax.servlet when using javax.servlet 2.3, 2.4 or 2.5. [Ref: TG-21131]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to report Failed to find git executable while using dcover upload without git available on the path. [Ref: TG-21101]

  • Plugin: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, caused Cover to report Diffblue Cover was unable to start its analysis service [...] while identifying Spring XML configuration files. [Ref: TG-21097]

  • Reports: Resolved an issue which caused Cover Reports to show Unexpected Application Error if all projects are removed. [Ref: TG-21075]

  • Reports: Resolved a cosmetic issue which could cause table header sorting indicators to not represent the current sorting order. [Ref: TG-21056]

  • Reports: Resolved a cosmetic issue which caused table headers to become misaligned after using the sorting options. [Ref: TG-21055]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, prevented preflight from providing a list of existing non-Diffblue tests which failed to run. [Ref: TG-19884]

  • Plugin: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, caused tests to be written with incorrect formatting. All tests written by Cover now match the project's formatting rules. [Ref: TG-18153]

Known Issues

  • Plugin: Cover Plugin incorrectly provides a menu option to write tests for a test file. [Ref: TG-17163]

  • CLI & Plugin: Diffblue Cover may write tests for JUnit 4.10 and lower that do not compile due to the use of assertNotEquals. [Ref: TG-17605]

  • CLI & Plugin: Diffblue Cover supports Open JDK and Oracle JDK; results with other JDKs may differ due to the variability in their implementations of Java. [Ref: TG-19345]

  • CLI & Plugin: Cover may encounter an F009: Internal error while writing tests using Mockito 5. To avoid this issue use a version of Mockito earlier than 5. [Ref: TG-19610]

  • Plugin: Under some circumstances, when writing Java tests for Kotlin code, Cover may produce non-compiling tests. [Ref: TG-20759]

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