Important Java support notice

Diffblue Cover supports the latest Critical Patch Updates for Java 8, 11 & 17. It has come to our attention that Java 8 versions prior to and including Java 8 Update 271 cause unexpected behaviour in the Diffblue Cover IntelliJ plugin. Please ensure that you are using the latest update for Java 8, 11 or 17.

Cover is now more likely to populate collections and arrays with unique objects

Where Diffblue Cover previously wrote tests with the same object parameters; now unique objects are more likely to be created such that the tests appear more realistic and are able to catch a wider range of regressions.

  // Arrange
  Owner owner = new Owner();
  owner.setAddress("42 Main St");

  Owner owner1 = new Owner();
  owner1.setAddress("17 High St");


  • Cover is now more likely to populate collections and arrays with unique objects. [Ref: TG-18523]

  • CLI: Mitigated an issue where output codes R024 and R025 were seen on projects with large classpaths. [Ref: TG-18412]

Resolved Issues

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to fail to detect and write tests for projects using Gradle 7.6. [Ref: TG-18548]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to provide redundant recommendations when running from a parent module without classes. Now only E005 (Parent module without classes) and remediation advice is provided. [Ref: TG-18520]

  • Reports: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, would cause uploading of a run to fail. [Ref: TG-18438]

  • Reports: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to not provide appropriate remediation advice when a JaCoCo report is missing expected contents. [Ref: TG-18370]

Known Issues

  • Cover may produce tests for JUnit 4.10 and lower that do not compile due to the use of assertNotEquals. [Ref: TG-17605]

  • Reports: Firefox users may encounter It seems like we encountered an error. Try refreshing this page or contact your administrator. while loading the Coverage Reports tab. [Ref: TG-18257]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Upgrading to IntelliJ IDEA 2022.3 may, in some circumstances, cause existing run configurations to no longer produce tests. Removing any run configurations for that entity and writing tests again will recreate a working run configuration. [Ref: TG-18282]

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