Project configuration

Before using Cover Plugin to write tests, your project must meet the following general requirements:

  • Java 8, 11, 17, or 21 compatible source code, or Kotlin source code.

  • Maven 3.2.5+ or Gradle 4.9+ build tools.

  • The project must compile and run with no failing unit tests.

  • All associated dependencies have been added, including JUnit or TestNG testing frameworks.

Also, Diffblue Cover requires that the system environment (hardware, operating system, network connectivity, Java installation) as well as the project environment (build tooling, dependencies, presence of artifacts, existing unit tests) meet the minimum requirements as detailed in Specs & Reqs. Cover Plugin will perform an environment check before analysis begins to ensure that the requirements are met - if there are any issues, these will be reported via the Diffblue Cover panel in IntelliJ using E (Environment) Output Codes.

Note that you can run dcover create --preflight (using Diffblue Cover CLI) to check the Cover prerequisites for your project, without performing any other actions.

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