Authenticated uploads

By default, any Diffblue Cover user can upload reports bundles to Cover Reports. However, your Cover Reports Administrator may have restricted access using upload authentication. Contact your Cover Reports Administrator for details of what restrictions may be in place and any associated username and password needed for uploads.

For general information on generating and uploading reports bundles, see Generate and upload reports bundles.

Upload with authentication

Once upload authentication has been enabled you will need to use the --report-username and --report-password options in Cover CLI and Cover Pipeline when uploading reports bundles. The username and password must match those configured by your Cover Reports Administrator.

Authenticated uploads using dcover create:

dcover create

Authenticated uploads using dcover upload:

dcover upload http://cover-reports-service:8080

Using environment variables

If you don't want to supply the --report-username and --report-password options each time you upload reports bundles, you can use the following environment variables instead:



As with the command line options, these variables must match the username and password configured by your Cover Reports Administrator.

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