Cover Pipeline for CI

Overview of Cover Pipeline for CI use, including general CI, Jenkins, GitHub, Azure, and AWS Codebuild
Integrating Diffblue Cover into a CI pipeline provides the fastest and most comprehensive way to protect your codebase from regressions. Diffblue Cover CLI is triggered by your CI orchestration tool on each pull-request/merge request to:
  • Automatically write new unit tests for new code.
  • Automatically update existing unit tests in your code.
  • Automatically notify about untestable code.
  • Automatically make the code testable using Diffblue Cover Refactor.
  • Automatically optimize the running of your unit tests with Diffblue Cover Optimize.
Cover Pipeline is completely flexible to fit into your workflow - you can customize how, when, and where Diffblue Cover is triggered so your workflow remains as natural as possible.

See Quick Start - General for information on how to use Diffblue Cover to write tests for your project as part of a CI pipeline. The topic outlines the basic commands that you will need to add to your CI scripts, but provides general information to understand the key steps - for specific CI tools, refer to the following: