This release adds a 'lines of code' quota count to Cover Reports to help monitor usage. Cover CLI and Plugin now write tests for equals(Object) and hashCode() methods with more descriptive names. Additionally, Cover CLI and Plugin have received usability, performance and test writing bug fixes, detailed in the full release notes.


  • Cover now has an updated version of OpenRewrite used for Refactor. If you're utilizing a local Maven/Gradle mirror, you may need to update it to ensure it supports the necessary versions of the OpenRewrite Maven/Gradle plugin and its dependencies. [Ref: TG-21141]

  • Reports: Cover now provides a 'lines of code' quota count on the Overview tab. [Ref: TG-20696]

  • CLI: Cover now provides improved logging of license verification failures to help diagnose licensing-related issues. [Ref: TG-20576]

  • Cover now provides improved test names for equals(Object) and hashCode() methods, detailing both the test conditions and expected outcomes. [Ref: TG-17284]

Resolved Issues

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to not enforce the --validation-timeout when executing a simple example test during environment checks. [Ref: TG-21207]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, caused Cover to duplicate the 'Run Summary' output. [Ref: TG-21188]

  • Resolved an issue which caused Cover to not write tests when Powermock for Mockito 2 is used. [Ref: TG-21175]

  • CLI: Resolved an issue which caused Run Summary output to incorrectly display ERROR and WARN results at the INFO log level. [Ref: TG-21167]

  • Plugin: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to show gutter flask icons for Enum classes. [Ref: TG-21161]

  • Plugin: Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, would cause Cover to request email verification more than once. [Ref: TG-21152]

  • Resolved an issue where Cover would not write tests for methods that take a BiFunction if spring-web was on the classpath but Project Reactor was not. [Ref: TG-20770]

Known Issues

  • Plugin: Cover Plugin incorrectly provides a menu option to write tests for a test file. [Ref: TG-17163]

  • CLI & Plugin: Diffblue Cover may write tests for JUnit 4.10 and lower that do not compile due to the use of assertNotEquals. [Ref: TG-17605]

  • CLI & Plugin: Diffblue Cover supports Open JDK and Oracle JDK; results with other JDKs may differ due to the variability in their implementations of Java. [Ref: TG-19345]

  • CLI & Plugin: Cover may encounter an F009: Internal error while writing tests using Mockito 5. To avoid this issue use a version of Mockito earlier than 5. [Ref: TG-19610]

  • Plugin: Under some circumstances, when writing Java tests for Kotlin code, Cover may produce non-compiling tests. [Ref: TG-20759]

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