Output Codes

Diffblue Cover performs a number of checks before, during, and after creating unit tests. First, general high-level checks are performed to make sure the basics are covered: development environment, license, and high level code testability. If everything looks good to go, then tests are created and code checks are performed during this process to highlight any issues. Finally, once tests are finished, they are validated to ensure they run without any issues.

Cover can generate a range of output codes during these checks to provide general information and highlight any issues. Details for all output codes are provided in the topics below. Note that as and when these output codes are displayed within Cover CLI and Cover Plugin, additional specifics may also be provided, if relevant.

We've also provided a number of "Working with..." topics here - these provide specific output code details to help resolve issues.

Output Code Details

Working with...

  • E020 - Failed to start up analysis service

  • E057 to E065 - Analysis service issue

  • E085 - Attempt to compile a test as Groovy

  • R005 - Unable to load class

  • R006 - Static initializer failed

  • R008 - Failed to instantiate class under test

  • R011 - Sandboxing policy violation

  • R012 - JNI sandbox policy violation

  • R013 - No inputs found that don't throw a trivial exception

  • R026 - Failed to create Spring context

  • R031 - Method may be time-sensitive

  • V003 - Tests discarded during validation

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