Writing tests

To write tests using Cover CLI:

  • To write tests for your entire project, open Windows PowerShell (Windows) or Terminal (macOS/Linux), navigate to your project, and enter the command dcover create

  • To restrict tests to an individual package, class, or method, specify one or more entry points on the command line using dcover create [<entryPoint>...] - for example, dcover create io.diffblue.corebanking.account.Account.

  • For a quick summary of core Cover CLI commands, see Command summary . For full details - every command, every argument, every option - see Commands & Arguments.

  • In general, dcover create will write complete tests for your methods, classes, modules, and projects. However, Cover is not always able to create a complete test, instead it may only be able to create partial tests - see Creating partial tests.

  • Once Diffblue Cover starts to run, you can cancel the operation at any point by pressing CTRL-C.

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