Update Cover

Diffblue releases product updates about every two weeks to continuously provide you with product enhancements and new features. Note that:

  • If needed, check the details for the latest updates, and even the older ones - see What's new.

  • When you update, you'll always be updated to the latest version.

  • If you're using Cover Plugin and Cover CLI, we recommend that you update both products to the latest version.

Update Cover Plugin or Cover CLI

Updating Cover Plugin may take a few minutes to complete and will require an IDE restart - you won't be able to create any tests for your projects while the update is progressing.

  1. In IntelliJ, go to File > Settings > Plugins (Windows/Linux) or IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences > Plugins (macOS), highlight the Diffblue Plugin and click Update in the details panel.

  2. When you're ready, click Restart IDE to complete the update. Enjoy your shiny, new plugin.

Update Cover Reports

Updating Cover Reports may take some time to complete. During this time you won't be able to upload new reports bundles and the Reports URL won't be accessible.

On your Cover Reports server:

  1. Stop Cover Reports by running: docker compose down

  2. In your shell, navigate to the $COVER_REPORTS_HOME directory where the existing installation is located and make a copy (backup) of the directory.

  3. Rename the docker-compose.yml file in the $COVER_REPORTS_HOME directory - e.g. docker-compose-2023.08.13.yml

  4. Using the link provided by Diffblue, download Cover Reports: - For Cover Reports Docker Compose, download the docker-compose.yml file to the $COVER_REPORTS_HOME directory. - For Cover Reports .tar.gz, download the latest Cover Reports bundle (e.g. diffblue-cover-reports-2023.08.01.tar.gz) and load the Docker bundle: docker load -i /path/diffblue-cover-reports-<version>.tar.gz

  5. Start the new version of Cover Reports using the command: docker compose up -d

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