Single IntelliJ Plugin

We now have a single IntelliJ Plugin downloadable from the JetBrains Marketplace, which means it is even easier to find, upgrade and use! It also means that upgrading from our free Community Edition to the advanced features in Developer Edition is completely seamless. Once you have installed the IntelliJ Plugin, either enter your license details (Developer Edition) or click the "Use Community Edition" button. Our existing Community Edition users will be unaffected by these changes.

Updates to Cover Reports

Our data visualization tool, Cover Reports, has two new features!

You can now:

  • Automatically upload existing reports

  • Write tests, create and upload reports with a single command

Other Updates

We have also added support for JUnit 5.8 and Spring Boot 2.6.x.

New Developer Edition trial available

We are delighted to now offer a 14-day trial version of our Developer Edition, which includes the Diffblue Cover CLI, as part of our new licensing option. We're really excited that you can now "try before you buy"! To download your trial of Diffblue Cover Developer Edition, please click here. Full information on all our options is also available here.

How do I automatically maintain all of these tests?

Use Diffblue Cover on any CI platform to automatically update your unit tests and catch regressions for every commit - watch this video to learn more.


  • CLI: Cover now supports automatic uploading of code coverage and test creation information to Cover Reports via the --report or upload CLI options. [Ref: TG-16233]

  • CLI: Cover's 'coverage reports' feature (--coverage-reports) now automatically extracts JaCoCo coverage from Gradle projects. [Ref: TG-16217]

  • Cover now supports Spring Boot 2.6.x. [Ref: TG-16044]

  • Cover now supports JUnit 5.8. [Ref: TG-16029]

  • Cover now avoids writing tests with time-sensitive assertions. [Ref: TG-15626]

Resolved Issues

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Resolved an issue which caused Cover to not cleanup some temporary files whilst running on JDK 11. [Ref: TG-16270]

  • Resolved an issue which caused R026 to be reported when missing beans were detected during Spring context loading. Cover now reports R027 for this scenario. [Ref: TG-16269]

  • Resolved an issue which caused Cover to write tests containing trivial input values, such as 0 for integers, instead of more complex values. [Ref: TG-16061]

  • Resolved an issue which caused Cover to mock an object, instead of autowiring it, when --spring-integration-tests is used. [Ref: TG-14852]

Known Issues

  • CLI: The command dcover clean --failing does not work on Gradle projects. This command is now deprecated and dcover validate should be used instead. [Ref: TG-11707]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Diffblue Cover was unable to create an index error may appear if switching projects happens before Cover has finished indexing. [Ref: TG-13772]

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