Update to Diffblue Cover's handing of NullPointerExceptions

Diffblue Cover now handles NullPointerExceptions despite try / catch blocks.

(Try blocks contains a set of statements where an exception can occur. A catch block will be used to handle any exceptions that occur as a result of the try block. A try block is always followed by a catch block and there can be multiple catch blocks.)

This update means more tests and greater coverage!

Developer Edition trial available

We are delighted to now offer a 14-day trial version of our Developer Edition, which includes the Diffblue Cover CLI, as part of our new licensing option. We're really excited that you can now "try before you buy"! To download your trial of Diffblue Cover Developer Edition, please click here. Full information on all our options is also available here.

How do I automatically maintain all of these tests?

Use Diffblue Cover on any CI platform to automatically update your unit tests and catch regressions for every commit - watch this video to learn more.


  • Cover now detects class loading issues (R005/R006) early and logs them in a more succinct and readable way. [Ref: TG-17351]

  • Cover now handles NullPointerExceptions found in catch blocks the same as ones which are thrown. [Ref: TG-15203]

  • Cover now has an improved log message for MethodGroup failure reasons. [Ref: TG-17422]

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue which, in some circumstances, caused Cover to not write a Spring test when mockito-inline is included in the project's dependencies. [Ref: TG-17282]

Known Issues

  • CLI: The command dcover clean --failing does not work on Gradle projects. This command is now deprecated and dcover validate should be used instead. [Ref: TG-11707]

  • For multi-module projects, --coverage-reports needs to be run in the sub-modules, not from root module with --working-directory. [Ref: TG-16876]

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