Offline license activation

Licensing Diffblue Cover in the offline mode detailed here is available only when purchased with the Enterprise Edition offline option. To use Diffblue Cover in an offline environment, such as a high-security or air-gapped network, requires this Enterprise Edition offline option.

Otherwise Diffblue Cover requires a remote license check with the Diffblue licensing server each time it is used.

Licensing the Diffblue Cover Plugin for IntelliJ in offline mode is performed using Cover CLI.

  1. Before entering a license key, completely exit all instances of the IntelliJ IDE. Note that closing the project window is not sufficient.

  2. Follow the Cover CLI steps detailed in the tab above to activate your license in offline mode, using the Diffblue Cover CLI command dcover activate --offline

  3. Restart the IntelliJ IDE.

  4. You're now ready to write tests using Diffblue Cover Plugin.

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