Environment Check Cache

A part of writing tests is to determine whether the environment is configured correctly. This environment check is performed immediately before writing tests and can take some time.

Since the environment does not change that often, Cover will cache the results of a check and reuse the results in subsequent write test operations. This helps to deliver tests faster.

If some of the properties of the environment change, the cache will be automatically invalidated and Cover will run a new check the next time tests are written.

Clearing the Environment Check Cache

It is possible that occasionally changes to the environment are not detected by Cover and the cache will be used when it shouldn't be.

In this case, an error will be shown when writing tests. To clear the cache and force Cover to check the environment either:

  • Select the Clear Environment Check Cache option from the main Diffblue menu

  • Press the Clear Environment Check Cache button in the Diffblue Cover tool panel

The next write tests operation will then check the environment for changes.

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