Cover Plugin settings

To modify the Diffblue Cover settings in IntelliJ, go to Diffblue > Change Settings and update as needed.

  • Test Framework: Select the test framework used for your project - JUnit 4, JUnit 5, TestNG, or Auto-Detect.

  • Test Creation: Enable/disable the use of Cover all enum values (ensure all enum values are covered, when an enum is used as a method argument or return value) - see Covering all enum values.

  • Partial Test Creation: Enable/disable the creation of partial tests for specific scenarios - see Creating partial tests.

  • Test Naming: Define the test class and test method naming conventions used for tests written by Diffblue Cover - see Test Naming.

  • Test Formatting: Select the test style or specific formatting options for tests written by Diffblue Cover - see Test Formatting.

  • Spring: Set your Spring configuration options (mocking, Spring contexts, and active profiles) - see Spring configuration options.

  • Method Annotations: Suppress compiler warnings for test methods written by Diffblue Cover - see Method Annotations. This is especially useful when using SonarQube - see Using SonarQube with Cover Plugin.

  • Sandboxed Environment: Enable (default) or disable the Diffblue Sandbox and/or define a list of allowed JNI libraries (if needed) - see Diffblue Sandbox.

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