Uninstall Cover Reports

Uninstall Cover Reports (Docker)

  1. Stop the service:

docker compose down
  1. Remove Docker artifacts (unused containers, unused images):

docker container prune
docker image prune --all
  1. Remove the Docker volume (irreversible):

docker volume rm cover-reports2_cover-reports-data

Uninstall Cover Reports (Zip)


Uninstall Cover Reports (Service)

Use Windows Service Manager or Linux systemctl to uninstall the Cover Reports service.

Uninstall Cover Reports (Windows Installer)

Go to Add or remove programs, find Diffblue, and select Uninstall.


Q: What should I do when uninstalling Cover Reports as a Windows Service and I receive the "Service has already started, uninstalling it may be impossible" message?

A: This occurs because the service is in the process of stopping. Once the service has stopped, it will be uninstalled. You can safely ignore this message.

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