Update Cover

Diffblue releases product updates about every two weeks to continuously provide you with product enhancements and new features. Note that:

  • If needed, check the details for the latest updates, and even the older ones - see What's new.

  • When you update, you'll always be updated to the latest version.

  • If you're using Cover Plugin and Cover CLI, we recommend that you update both products to the latest version.

Updating Cover Plugin may take a few minutes to complete and will require an IDE restart - you won't be able to create any tests for your projects while the update is progressing.

  1. In IntelliJ, go to File > Settings > Plugins (Windows/Linux) or IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences > Plugins (macOS), highlight the Diffblue Plugin and click Update in the details panel.

  2. When you're ready, click Restart IDE to complete the update.

Note: To update Cover Reports, see Install and update Cover Reports.

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