This topic provides general troubleshooting information - please refer to the Output Codes topic for more specific details.

Test writing pauses unexpectedly

The combination of a Windows terminal and a mouse event problem can occasionally cause test writing to be paused, until the Enter key is pressed. This is a problem with Windows, but Diffblue can suggest the following workarounds:

  • Use the Enter key as required.

  • Disable QuickEdit Mode in the Windows terminal. To do this, right click on the Title bar, choose Properties, select the Options tab, uncheck QuickEdit Mode, and click OK.

  • Redirect the tests to be written to a file instead, by using the command dcover create > output.txt (where output.txt is the file to which you would like the tests to be written). Using --batch is recommended so that the output is readable. Note that pressing the Enter key will always ensure that your test writing continues.

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