Cover Plugin tool window

When writing tests, the Diffblue Cover tool window is displayed. The Overview panel provides summary progress and status information for each stage when writing tests - click an item to review detailed status and results in the Details panel, including preflight and environment check results, test links, output codes, and general information.


During this stage Cover Plugin runs initial checks to ensure it can write tests. Potential issues that can show up here include compilation errors, or licensing exceptions.

Checking environment

Next, Cover Plugin will check your project's environment, to make sure it is set up correctly. This checks your project and its dependencies against Diffblue specifications and requirements. If Cover Plugin detects something outside of these requirements you may see warnings or errors in the Details panel - these can be expanded to display more information to help you resolve the issue and some may have automatic fixes (see Fix issues below).

Fix issues

Certain errors and warnings reported during the Checking environment stage may have automated fixes available - click the Fix Issue button in the Details panel and Cover will attempt to automatically apply the fix to your project.

Writing tests

Finally, Cover Plugin will write your tests. The Overview panel displays the progress for each method (grouped by package and class) - select an item to review details such as test links, output code details (see Output Codes), and general information for your tests.

Cancel tests

If you need to cancel test creation at any point, click the red Stop button.

When you click Stop, any remaining methods will be marked as cancelled and tests will not be created for them. Any tests that have already been written will be retained.

Note that cancelling test creation may not happen immediately. Cover will attempt to stop gracefully, so you may have to wait for its current progress to complete before the process is halted.

Restart test generation

Once test generation has finished, you can click on the restart button to rerun the test generation process.

When you click Restart, the tool window will be cleared and Cover will attempt to write tests on the exact same configuration of methods or classes.

Open Support request

If you need to raise a support request, click the Open support request button (not available for Community Edition users).

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