Telemetry (anonymous data collection) in Cover CLI
Diffblue Cover CLI captures anonymous usage data to help improve Cover services and features. You can select one or more of the following endpoints to send this data to, each of which can also be disabled:
  • Diffblue - Anonymous usage data is sent to Diffblue by default, unless disabled.
  • Mixpanel - Cover telemetry uses the Mixpanel analytics service. If you have your own Mixpanel instance, you can add your Mixpanel project endpoint to your telemetry configuration.
  • Reports - Provides telemetry data to your Cover Reports instance (if required), allowing you to monitor Diffblue Cover usage across your organization.
Further information on our data collection and policies is provided in the Diffblue Privacy Notice.

Configure telemetry endpoints

Telemetry endpoints are configured using the file in your Cover CLI installation. Edit/add the following sections to configure your endpoint(s):
  • Default - This section is for the Diffblue endpoint. The only configurable field for this section is backend - set to mixpanel to enable data collection, or none to disable.
  • mymixpanel - Your Mixpanel instance.
  • reports - Your Cover Reports instance.
#Default section
name=Diffblue Mixpanel
#Named section 'mymixpanel'
name[mymixpanel]=My MixPanel
#Named section 'reports'
name[reports]=Cover Reports
Useful name. For Diffblue, leave this set to Diffblue Mixpanel.
Data endpoint type:
  • For Diffblue and your own Mixpanel instance, set to mixpanel
  • For Cover Reports, set to cover-reports
  • To disable this endpoint, set to none
Endpoint URL to send data to:
  • For Diffblue leave this set to the default value.
  • For your Mixpanel instance, set to the Mixpanel Access URL for your project.
  • For Cover Reports, set to the /telemetry/event path using the IP address or URL of your Cover Reports instance. For example, http://cover-reports.mycompany:8080/telemetry/event
Your Mixpanel project token. For Diffblue, leave this set to the default value.

Disable telemetry endpoints

In your Cover CLI installation folders, edit the file and set backend to none for each endpoint you'd like to disable (see above). You can also simply delete the section if you'd prefer.

Re-Package Cover CLI

Larger organizations may find it useful to create an in-house distribution of Cover CLI with telemetry set to your configuration, with endpoints enabled, disabled, and configured as needed:
  1. 1.
    Make a copy of the distribution zip file (diffblue-cover-cli-<release-version>.zip).
  2. 2.
    Edit the file in the zip and set your endpoints as needed (see above).
  3. 3.
    Your edited zip can now be distributed as needed - install your Cover CLI distribution as detailed in Get started - Cover CLI.