Cover Reports Dashboards

This describes the various dashboards in Cover Reports and what they each contain.
Cover Reports has dashboards that help to provide overviews of a coverage report returned after running dcover create. This page aims to clarify those dashboards and their contents.


This dashboard represents a top-down overview of the project, package or class. It displays total package coverage, where that coverage comes from, and outlines the packages within the module tested.
There are several widgets providing data to this dashboard. At project level or below, they will show data for the chosen run (see Run Dropdown). When viewing this dashboard higher up in the hierarchy (at project group level), the widgets will aggregate data for the latest run of each project in the group.

Status Widgets

In the top left of the dashboards, the first widgets relate to the overall status of the project, package or class. These include:
  • Diffblue Coverage - coverage (percentage) provided by all Diffblue Cover Tests.
  • Total Coverage - total coverage (percentage) provided by Diffblue Cover Tests and/or Manual Tests (existing developer written tests).
  • Lines of Code - total lines of code for the selected project, package or class.
  • Diffblue Tests - total number of tests created by Diffblue Cover.


The following table is shown:


There are two visualizations shown:


This dashboard shows an overview of the project, package or class, depending on the component in the hierarchy.
For example, at project level, the map will show sections for each package in the project. At package level, the map will show sections for each class in the package.
The map sections are sized and coloured based on the relative amount of code in the section and its level of coverage.
Map segments may be clicked on, taking the user to the project, package or class represented by the segment. This allows the user to navigate through their project hierarchy using the map.

Coverage Detail

This dashboard contains two status widgets and a coverage information table for the whole project, package or class.

Status Widgets

  • Total Output codes - total number of output codes reported by diffblue on the methods in the project, package or class
  • Total Not covered lines - total lines of code not covered by tests in the project, package or class

Coverage Table

Coverage information is broken down into classes and then further into methods, with information regarding the percentage of code covered, the total test count and the output codes reported for each method.


The telemetry dashboards are accessed in a different way to the other dashboards, as you need to enter a URL. They also require you to have set up telemetry. The Cover CLI and Cover Plugin telemetry dashboards show information about your users:
  • Total unique users per day.
  • Total number of write test operations per day.
  • Total tests produced per day.

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