Navigating through Cover Reports

How to navigate through the Diffblue Cover Reports dashboards using the provided menu
Use the Search to find results quickly and easily.


Cover Reports is organized hierarchically into projects, packages and classes.
This can be seen in the navigation menu.
This example has the sample project selected and shows all the packages within.
If any element name is too long, it is truncated. You can hover over it to see the full name.


A run represents a single data upload using the dcover CLI.
Each run is associated with exactly one Java module within the project hierarchy and contains the coverage information achieved during the run.
There can be multiple runs for a project. These can be seen in the run select list in the top right of the header.
The latest run is always shown by default.
The runs are listed in descending chronological order, i.e. with the most recent at the top.
The selected run can be changed from any point in the hierarchy.

Dashboard Tabs

In order to view any information, an element in the hierarchy must be selected from the menu.
Upon selection, a series of tabs are shown in the center of the header at the top. These organize the dashboards into groups to help view the information. These tabs are:
When a new element in the hierarchy is selected from the menu, the tabs are refreshed with the relevant dashboards.
Please note that some dashboards have data from just one JaCoCo run, whereas others higher up in the hierarchy (projects and upwards) summarize multiple JaCoCo runs.

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