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Installing Cover Reports


Cover Reports is a web application that is installed using docker.

Therefore, before installation the following must be installed:

docker-compose is included in docker-desktop.

Choose a location

Since Cover Reports is run in docker, the chosen host must have access to dockerhub to allow images to be downloaded.

Please contact Diffblue Support for access to our dockerhub repository.

Also, the chosen host must be accessible by:

  • DCover CLI
  • Users who want to view reports

Deploy Cover Reports

To deploy:

  • Login to chosen host
  • Navigate to the directory where the installation is to be made. This will be the home directory of Cover Reports or $COVER_REPORTS_HOME:

  • Copy the Cover Reports docker-compose.yml into $COVER_REPORTS_HOME
  • Start the application:

    docker-compose up

The application is now installed and deployed. Navigate to the chosen URL to see a page similar to this:

To run docker-compose in the background, add the -d option

Pre-loaded Sample Project

An example project is included with Cover Reports as part of the installation. This is to help users get started quickly. This can be accessed using the menu in the top left of the screen.

The next step is to upload your project into Cover Reports.