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Runtime Environment

If your project requires any special options to the JVM to run, these can be passed to DCover using the JVM_ARG environment variable. This is useful if you need to pass the details of a user id, or which database to use, as properties to the JVM. The two examples below show passing a user_id with an authentication token:


set JVM_ARGS="-Duser_id=Sue -Duser_auth_token=1234"
dcover.bat create


export JVM_ARGS="-Duser_id=Sue -Duser_auth_token=1234"
dcover create

The JVM_ARG environment variable can also be used for memory management. In fact, any JVM arguments documented at: can be added to the JVM_ARG variable.

Environment Variables

Any environment variables that your project requires at runtime should be set in the environment in which you are running DCover.