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We collect anonymous data from Diffblue Cover CLI in order to help improve our services to our users. It is possible to turn this data collection off, as described below.

Further information on our data collection and policies is in the Diffblue Privacy Notice.

To turn off data collection in Cover:

You can disable data collection by editing the Diffblue preferences file (.diffblue/preferences.json in your home directory). The property telemetry_enabled should be set to false:

  "telemetry_id" : "xxxx6c2a-xxxx-4828-978c-xxxx592e2bdd",
  "telemetry_enabled" : false

To repackage Cover with telemetry disabled

Larger organizations may find it necessary to create an in-house distribution of dcover with telemetry disabled.

dcover is distributed as a plain zip file. Within the contents of the zip file is a file called which controls telemetry settings:

  unzip -l ../
Archive:  ../
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
    13443  04-13-2021 19:43   LICENSE
     3085  04-13-2021 19:39   dcover
      111  04-13-2021 19:39

Unzip the distribution, edit this file and specify the telemetry backend none. Leave the other properties intact:


Rezip the contents of the zip file with this edited and distribute.