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How does Enterprise Edition licensing work?

Enterprise Edition licensing is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

The same licensing model as the Developer Edition can be used, which is fully explained below.

Alternatively, for Enterprise Edition licensing only, we can also offer:

  • A site license
  • A license based on the number of lines of code
  • A license per project.

The Diffblue team will work with you to tailor a licensing package that suits.

How does Developer Edition licensing work?

Diffblue offers bundles of user licenses of various sizes - bundles cannot be split and must be purchased in whole multiples.

Any developer who uses Diffblue written tests must have a user license. This includes any developer either:

  • Directly creating and/or running tests through their desktop
  • Indirectly creating and/or running tests through an automated build pipeline.

Example 1 - Full licensing

In the example below, the three repositories are contributed to only by the 10 developers shown. All ten developers have a license and thus all of them can use Diffblue locally and/or commit changes to any of the three repositories. This ensures both the maximum developer benefit from using Diffblue Cover, and also full compliance with the licensing regulations.

Example 2 - Partial licensing

In our next example, only some of the developers have a license. This means that not only will some developers miss out directly on the benefits of using Diffblue Cover, but also that other developers with a license cannot commit changes to all of the repositories.

As shown below, Developers 5 and 6 cannot use Diffblue Cover at all, whilst their colleagues - Developers 4 and 7 - cannot use Diffblue Cover to contribute tests to repository B (as some of the developers working on that repository do not have a license).

Further information about licensing is available in the Diffblue EULA. Please feel free to contact Diffblue if you have any questions about this or any other issue.