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CLI Enterprise Edition licensing

Most users of Diffblue Cover must have an active internet connection to authorize its use.

However, once activated a Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition installation will operate in Offline Mode, enabling the user to create tests without an active network connection.

Initial license activation can most simply be performed using an online method (e.g. dcover activate). However, if this is not possible then Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition also provides the Offline License Activation feature.

For pricing information on Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition, please see:

Offline Mode

Offline Mode is a feature only available to users of the Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition. Offline Mode will be enabled upon activation of your Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition license key.

Activation can be accomplished:

  1. Online with the Cover CLI via dcover activate using your license key, see here.
  2. Via the Offline License Activation workflow below.

Once activated, your installation will continue to function in Offline Mode until your license expires.

Upon expiry, to refresh or replace your license you will need perform a further activation using your license key.

Offline License Activation

Some computers will not have an active internet connection, or will be behind a firewall preventing online activation. The Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition facilitates license activation in such circumstances.


  1. Generate an offline activation request with the CLI
  2. Upload the request to the Diffblue website and download an offline activation response
  3. Apply the offline activation response with the CLI

Requests and licenses are not transferable; your activation request and response files will be specific to your target computer.

Detailed Workflow

The following instructions describe how to use the Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition on a target computer that does not have internet access.

You will be required to copy files to and from the relevant user home directory of your target computer (represented here by <USER_HOME>). On Linux or macOS your home directory can be found at /Users/<username> (or ~). On Windows your user home can be found at C:\Users\<username>.

  1. Install Cover CLI on the computer - further installation details can be found here.
  2. Locate your license key from Diffblue (represented here by XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX).
  3. Run Cover CLI to generate an offline activation request from your license key:

    dcover activate --offline XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    An offline activation request file will have been placed in the user home directory of the target computer at:


    Detail showing the offline license request in a file explorer

  4. Locate the request file and upload to the Diffblue Offline Licensing Webtool.

    NOTE: This step will need to be done from a computer with internet access.

    Detail from the Offline Licensing Webtool - Request Upload

  5. Download the resulting offline activation response file.

    Detail from the Offline Licensing Webtool - Reponse Download

  6. Copy the offline activation response file to the user home directory of your target computer at:


    Detail showing the offline license response in a file explorer

  7. Run Cover CLI to import the offline activation response file using your license key:

    dcover activate --offline XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  8. You are now ready to run dcover create on your target project.