Diffblue Cover is licensed according to the three pricing plans which determine what features and limits apply to your use of Diffblue Cover.

1. Diffblue Cover Community Edition Community

2. Diffblue Cover Teams Edition Teams

3. Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition Enterprise

  • Designed for any application
  • Offline licensing available
  • Write unlimited tests on unlimited lines of code
  • Cover CI pipeline plugin
  • Cover IntelliJ plugin and Cover CLI
  • Cover Optimize: cut your build time & cost by 50%
  • Cover Refactor: automatically made code testable
  • Dedicated account team
  • Enterprise support
  • Enterprise contract
  • Full indemnification
  • Contact us

4. License activation online

CommunityTeamsEnterprise (Online)

Diffblue Cover requires a remote license check with the Diffblue licensing server each time it is used. Offline license activation is available with the Enterprise Edition offline option only.

To perform the license check Diffblue Cover needs an active internet connection to the following servers:


The license check uses this connection to identify individual devices. Further details regarding the exact data exchanged are available in the Privacy Notice.

More reading: Online license activation, proxy configuration and troubleshooting

5. License activation offline

Enterprise (Offline)

Diffblue Cover Enterprise Edition users with the offline option can activate 100% offline. This means Diffblue Cover can be used in secure and air-gapped environments with no external network connection required.

More reading: Offline license activation and troubleshooting

6. Diffblue license manager


According to the terms of your subscription, you may be given access to the Diffblue License Management Portal allowing you to see license use, manage license keys and license users. License manager access is granted according to the exact license type purchased; it may not be applicable to your license type.