Diffblue License Manager


1. Logging into the Diffblue license manager

The Diffblue license manager is for managing your organization’s licenses. A license manager is assigned to each organization.

Log in to https://licenses.diffblue.com using the username and password provided in your Diffblue welcome email.

Diffblue License Manager login screen

2. Dashboard

Once logged in you will be presented with a dashboard which currently lists how many licenses you are managing.

The license manager welcome screen. It shows how many licenses are being managed by this user

3. Orders

Click on the Order button on the left hand menu bar to get a list of the orders you are managing. Each order can have 1 or more licenses associated with it. Click on an order to see the licenses it contains.

The license list screen. This shows a detailed overview of each license this user manages

3. Order details

After clicking on an order you will see this Order details page. There are several tabs you can click on.

Order details screen. This shows when the order was created and the order type

If you click on License managers you can see a list of the license managers assigned to this order. You can also use the Add license manager button to add a new license manager.

List of license managers for an order

After clicking on the Add license manager button you will be given a short form to fill out. Input the email address, first name and last name. Take note of the automatically generated password or supply your own. These details are not automatically sent to the new license manager so you will have to email them yourself or provide them via some other channel.

Form for adding a new license manager. Has fields for email, first name, surname and password.

If you click on Licenses you will get a list of the license keys associated with the order. If there are many keys you will have multiple pages of licenses. The list includes the expiration date of the licenses and ‘Status’ indicates whether or not they have been activated.

A list of licenses attached to the order including the key, expiration date and activation status

4. Licenses

If you click on one of the licenses in the license list you will be taken to a page with more information about that license. This page also has a button where you can reset the activations for that license.

Detailed license info. Includes the key, validity period and whether the license has been activated or not

5. Devices

Clicking on the Devices tab on the License details screen will give you a list of all the devices that the license has been activated on. This includes information such as hostname and internal/external IP addresses.

The 'Devices' list for a license. It includes information about which devices have activated this license

6. My license manager profile

You can edit your license manager profile by clicking on the My profile button in the left hand menu. From here you can change your first name, last name and also change your password.

The user profile screen. Includes a password change button.