What's New > Version 2020.01.a

Reduced trivial, non-compiling and non-passing tests

Release date: Jan 20, 2020

Improvements to the test-generation engine to minimise non-compiling and/or non-passing tests, and CLI option to remove these tests. Removed trivial tests that only contain `assertNotNull` on an object.

Full Release Notes


When using our CLI, replacing files is now the default behaviour when duplicate test-classes exists. This to ensure that minimal test maintenance is required when the Cover CLI script is running in CI. [Ref: TG-10748]

If no package name is specified explicitly in the CLI for your project, Cover will avoid generating tests for any of the project dependencies. [Ref: TG-10750]

A more extensive cover analysis summary is now available in the CLI. In addition to callable methods and number of tests generated, you may now also get an incremental coverage increase per module in a JaCoCo coverage report. [Ref: TG-10539]

As a developer, you may now configure inlining and test naming in the CLI via --config config.json, e.g: with config.json:

  “output“: {
    “naming”: {
      “classTemplate”: “${CLASS_NAME}DiffblueTest”

[Ref: TG-10314, TG-10549]

Documentation on how to find and interpret the cover-cli.log file is now added to docs.diffblue.com [Ref: TG-10809]

Known issues

  • IntelliJ: Preferences are set globally and not on a per-project basis. [Ref: TG-9348]

  • IntelliJ: On macOS, tests are not created when launching the plugin via the Dock or the Applications folder. The workaround is to launch the plugin via the command line. [Ref: TG-10544]

  • IntelliJ: ‘Suggest assertions’ sometimes errors with AssertionSuggestionException: Runner timeout causing the feature to become unavailable. Restarting IntelliJ usually makes it available again. [Ref: TG-10798]

  • Intellij: If writing essential test on an instance method of a class without accessible constructor fails then a wrong warning is shown stating that the method itself is unaccessible. [Ref: TG-10794]

  • CLI: If the analyzed module has a logback.xml file then logback warnings are displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10793]

  • CLI: The option --advanced is present, but advanced mode does not work yet.

  • CLI: Sometimes output from threads in the analyzed module is displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10792]

  • CLI: No tests are written for classes in the default. [Ref: TG-10786]

  • CLI: Existing coverage option doesn’t work together with automatic classpath detection from Maven. [Ref: TG-10874]

Dependencies for written tests

  • JUnit: 4.8