What's New > Version 2020.02.a

Further Advanced tests

Release date: Feb 03, 2020

Advanced tests cover several paths in a test method, increasing the ability of the test suite to catch regresssions.

Full Release Notes


  • The Diffblue index database is now using Xodus (instead of LMDB). The index occupies less space on Windows now and it does not extract binaries to a temporary file any more (which was causing issues with corporate security policies). [Ref: TG-11010]

  • The Cover CLI now supports -p, --patch-only=<patchFile> which takes the path to a patch file. Tests will only be created for methods in classes changed in that patch. This feature is useful when the CLI is running in CI and you want to input a patch file path of changes relevant to a given PR. [Ref: TG-10811]

  • The Cover CLI provides additional configuration options via the config file in the CLI. Please see create --example-config for all the new options[Ref: TG-10549]

  • The Cover CLI now provides status information during indexing via a progress bar. [Ref: TG-10791]

Known issues

  • CLI: When using --advanced=true, sometimes test-generator processes keep running in the background, slowing down the system. [Ref: TG-11082]

  • CLI: Sometimes a stacktrace of a NullPointerException is output to the console. Fewer tests are created as a result. [Ref: TG-11081]

  • IntelliJ: Cancelling the indexing job causes exception. [Ref: TG-11074]

  • CLI: --verbose works on command line, but not via the configuration file. [Ref: TG-11062]

  • CLI: Duplicated tests may be produced when using the option --advanced=true. [Ref: TG-10949]

  • CLI: When using --advanced=true, the progress bar often reaches 100% too early. [Ref: TG-10832]

  • CLI: -p, --patch-only=<patchFile> is not reliably working on Windows at the moment. [Ref: TG-11152]

  • CLI: For non-Maven projects, if test verification using a test verification command, e.g. --verification-command="gradlew test" fails, all tests generated will be removed. [Ref: TG-11153]

  • IntelliJ: Cover is only able to generate boilerplate tests for Java 11 projects. The plugin will show a Unsupported Java Language Version message. [Ref: TG-11144 and TG-11142]

  • IntelliJ: ‘Suggest assertions’ sometimes errors with AssertionSuggestionException: Runner timeout causing the feature to become unavailable. Restarting IntelliJ usually makes it available again. [Ref: TG-10798]

  • Intellij: If writing essential test on an instance method of a class without accessible constructor fails then a wrong warning is shown stating that the method itself is unaccessible. [Ref: TG-10794]

  • CLI: If the analyzed module has a logback.xml file then logback warnings are displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10793]

  • CLI: Sometimes output from threads in the analyzed module is displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10792]

Dependencies for written tests

  • JUnit: 4.7-4.12