What's New > Version 2020.02.b

Spring Boot and Spring MVC Support

Release date: Feb 17, 2020

Support for Spring Boot and Spring MVC classes with @Controller annotations. More natural and realistic input into generated tests.

Full Release Notes


Cover CLI now also support test generation with the JUnit 5 framework [Ref: TG-10679]

Cover has both a Minimal and Verbose mode for CLI output. Default mode is Minimal, Verbose can be activated with dcover create --verbose [Ref: TG-10818]

Cover CLI has improved output to give reasons when no test has been generated (E001 - E013), as well as when methods are not considered testable or worth testing. The most granular information you’ll get with ‘–verbose’ enabled [Ref:TG-10873,TG-10936]

When Diffblue tests previously generated, fail to compile after a code change is merged, these tests can be cleaned up using dcover clean [Ref:TG-10922]

Generation of redundant tests is significantly improved. [Ref:TG-10949]

Unit-tests for trivial getters and setters are not generated anymore. Customer feedback suggests these tests are noise and not useful [Ref:TG-10936]

The Cover IntelliJ plugin now support Java 11 [Ref:TG-11144]

Cover CLI can now create tests using the JUnit 5 framework using --testing-framework=junit-5.5

Known issues

  • [Ref:TG-11269]

  • CLI: Test verification command does not work in the current release [Ref:TG-11270]

  • CLI: The following dependencies need to be added to the project pom file to ensure Cover supports the Spring framework: org.springframework.boot, spring-boot-starter-test, org.springframework.boot, spring-boot-starter-web

  • Plugin: Test generation with JUnit 5 is currently not supported in the IntelliJ plugin [Ref:TG-11281]

  • Plugin: Spring support is not yet enabled in the plugin [Ref:TG-11269]

  • CLI: On Windows, creating config.json by outputting –example-config as file causes exceptions [Ref:TG-11198]

  • CLI: Cover tests containing floating point assertions for junit 5 will result in tests which do not pass our verification. To generate these tests, you have to run the CLI without --skip-test-verification [Ref:TG-11235]

  • IntelliJ: Cancelling the indexing job causes exception. [Ref: TG-11074]

  • CLI: --verbose works on command line, but not via the configuration file. [Ref: TG-11062]

  • CLI: -p, --patch-only=<patchFile> is not reliably working on Windows at the moment. [Ref: TG-11152]

  • CLI: For non-Maven projects, if test verification using a test verification command, e.g. --verification-command="gradlew test" fails, all tests generated will be removed. [Ref: TG-11153]

  • IntelliJ: ‘Suggest assertions’ sometimes errors with AssertionSuggestionException: Runner timeout causing the feature to become unavailable. Restarting IntelliJ usually makes it available again. [Ref: TG-10798]

  • Intellij: If writing essential test on an instance method of a class without accessible constructor fails then a wrong warning is shown stating that the method itself is unaccessible. [Ref: TG-10794]

  • CLI: If the analyzed module has a logback.xml file then logback warnings are displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10793]

  • CLI: Sometimes output from threads in the analyzed module is displayed while running the CLI. [Ref: TG-10792]

Dependencies for written tests

  • JUnit: 4.7-5.5