What's New > Version 2020.03.b

Extended Spring support

Release date: Mar 16, 2020

Tests are now created for Spring `@Service` and `@Repository` classes. Tests created for classes using the Spring Framework also support JUnit 5.

Full Release Notes


  • Improvements to inlining getters into assertions, which makes the tests more readable. [Ref: TG-11205]

  • Tests and assertions are now created for java.langClass arguments and return values. [Ref: TG-11211, TG-11353]

  • A progress indication is now shown while test verification is running. [Ref: TG-11182]

  • The CLI can remove failing tests by using the clean --failing command, independently from running create. [Ref: TG-11311]

Known issues

  • CLI: Logback warnings may appear in the output when the user code contains a logback configuration [Ref: TG-10793]

  • Wrong reason for not creating essential tests for methods in classes without accessible constructors. [Ref: TG-10794]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: cancelling the indexing job causes exception. [Ref: TG-11074]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Test combining can incorrectly merge tests, leading to non-compiling tests. [Ref: TG-11175]

  • CLI: Windows: creating config.json by outputting --example-config as file causes exceptions. [Ref: TG-11198]

  • CLI: Using --advanced may create redundant tests. [Ref: TG-11206]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Very slow on generating Spring tests. [Ref: TG-11380]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Spring tests are sometimes merged incorrectly. [Ref: TG-11381]

  • CLI: Spring projects that use logback may interfere with the console and log file output. [TG-11440]

  • CLI: Tests created for Spring projects may be incompatible with existing tests. [Ref: TG-11459]

  • CLI: clean --failing may not remove all failing tests when tests are inter-dependent. [Ref: TG-11472]

Dependencies for written tests

  • JUnit: 4.7-5.5