What's New > Version 2020.04.b

General Improvements

Release date: Apr 28, 2020

Improvements have been made in three areas: The choice of input values for strings, Gradle classpath detection support and performance improvements for test generation in Spring projects.

Full Release Notes


  • The choice of input values for strings (in particular for CI and email-related code) has been improved. [Ref: TG-11595]

  • Improved Gradle classpath detection support. [Ref: TG-11651, TG-11652]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Performance improvements for test generation in Spring projects. [Ref: TG-11380]

Known issues

  • Wrong reason for not creating essential tests for methods in classes without accessible constructors. [Ref: TG-10794]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: cancelling the indexing job causes exception. [Ref: TG-11074]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Test combining can incorrectly merge tests, leading to non-compiling tests. [Ref: TG-11175]

  • CLI: Windows: creating config.json by outputting --example-config as file causes exceptions. [Ref: TG-11198]

  • CLI: Spring projects that use logback may interfere with the console and log file output. [TG-11440]

  • CLI: Analyzing a project that opens lots of files may crash dcover. [Ref: TG-11455]

  • CLI: clean --failing may not remove all failing tests when tests are inter-dependent. [Ref: TG-11472]

  • CLI: All tests may be discarded in test verification when using --config. [Ref: TG-11475]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Suggested assertion inserted above a comment line even though the cursor was below it. [Ref: TG-11478]

  • CLI: dcover clean --working-directory throws an error if --test-output-dir is not provided. [Ref: TG-11665]

  • Tests that require mocking are not created in certain cases. [Ref: TG-11708]

  • IntelliJ Plugin: Selecting ‘write tests’ on multiple classes, in quick succession, results in tests not being generated for some classes. [Ref: TG-11713]

Dependencies for written tests

  • JUnit: 4.7-5.5